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Horsmonden Club
19th October 2005

CIMG0913 CIMG0916 CIMG0917 CIMG0920 CIMG0922
In a rush?
The band
No time to meditate Terry!
Have you heard the one about ...
OK Kell - the band will stop soon
CIMG0925 CIMG0927 CIMG0928 CIMG0931 CIMG0935
Squire Couchman on top form
Eyes left
I bet she realises this was a mistake now
Tactical briefing?
Its normally the audience that weeps
CIMG0938 CIMG0939 CIMG0941 CIMG0942 CIMG0944
In your own time Kell
Look no wires!
Dan proudly exhibits his fine stick
Something amiss here ... all smiling!!
...and just one more fold ... a morris hat!
CIMG0952 CIMG0953 CIMG0954 CIMG0959 CIMG0961
All a little close for Kell's liking
Alan has a more tactile dance style
Oh such an innocent look
Lead on Terry
Do you come here often?

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